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Mobile devicesINSPECTIONOPS™ is an easy-to-use, full-featured inspection app that empowers inspectors to quickly document results on-site using an iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone and save them to a cloud-based platform. When the inspection is complete, the results are automatically compiled into the TOTALREPORT® and delivered to the customer quickly via smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or as a printed document.

  • Increase speed of data collection and ability to deliver report to the customer upon completion
  • Increase efficiency by collecting and compiling data simultaneously
  • Increase value of inspection report to end-users
  • Increase your competitive advantage by offering the TOTALREPORT, a totally unique inspection report.
  • Increase clarity with regard to location of life safety devices
  • Increase access by multiple users to the TOTALREPORT
  • Increase usage of valuable data collected in the TOTALREPORT
  • Increase speed of response in emergency situations