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End User Benefits

Developed by Critical Systems in 2002, the TOTALREPORT® has elevated the life safety inspection report from a mandatory document that was filed in the drawer and forgotten to an operational tool that is far superior to any other inspection report available in the life safety industry today.  Rather than the standard text-based or hand written report, the TOTALREPORT provides a graphic-based, color-coded presentation showing the current inspection result status and location of each life safety device in the context of a floor plan or layout.

pdf-sampleAs part of the InspectionOPS™ app in development since 2007, the TOTALREPORT is now easily accessible to property managers, building engineers, service technicians, and emergency response personnel via smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, and as a printed document.  When there’s an emergency, time is of the essence.  Access to vital data included in the TOTALREPORT can save lives!

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