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What is a layout or graphic?

It is anything you can imagine as a Jpeg file that would communicate succinctly to your staff or customer about where things are that need tested and inspected or that were tested and inspected. It could be a site plan, a map, a building layout, or even a picture of a piece of equipment like a diesel generator or an electrical panel.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can have under my organization?

No, each pricing tier allows you to have an unlimited number of users. The license cost is charged per user.

Why do I need more than one license? Why can’t all my inspectors use one license?

The adminstrator License is required to call all the shots and for quality control, you would not want to give this access to everyone. The individual inspector licenses are for accountability, so you know who has done what work product and assigning inspections to licensed users is integral to the TOTAL REPORT features.

What does this cost and what do we get if we decide to purchase?

Our entry level partner package is $150.00 per month. This includes 1 administrator lic. and one Inspector lic. each additional Inspector license is $75.00 per month. with these licenses there is no cap to Devices, customers, buildings, inspections, or Customizations.

Since this is Cloud based do I need to perpetually connected to the internet?

If using a browser yes you need to be connected. If using our app you need to connect periodically to update the cloud and your device but do not have to be connected all the time.

What mobile devices can be used to use the InspectionOPS HD app?

Our powerful intuitive app was designed for the iPad.

Where does our data reside?

This is a cloud based software platform so in the cloud. Your data can be accessed by proper user name and password from practically any computing device from anywhere there is an internet connection.

How long will it take to train our staff to get up to speed and do the first inspection?

Yes. You have the ability to look at the workload using several different, queries, metrics and analytics of your choosing.

Does this keep track of upcoming inspections and Schedules?

Yes. You have the ability to look at up coming inspections using several different, queries, metrics and analytics of your choosing.

Why use graphic layouts?

Using a layout or graphic to demonstrate where devices or periphials are saves time for subsequent inspections. It also instantly trains everyone who needs to know about a building and the system that is inspected?

Can we just do text based inspections?


What if we do not have prints or layouts for an inspection location?

Commercial facilities are typically required to have egress plans of some type and the leasing and marketing teams always have floors plans as well. We have found that once customers see the TOTALREPORT they can’t produce building layout drawings fast enough.