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Inspection Company Benefits

Unlike typical life safety inspection reports, which only offer a dry, confusing wall of text, the TOTALREPORT® goes the extra mile offering color-coded results that are cross-referenced with icons displayed on graphic floor plans. This clear, graphic presentation provides property managers, building engineers, service technicians, and emergency response personnel with an immediate and fundamental understanding of the current inspection result status and the layout of their system that goes far beyond what any other inspection reports in the industry provide.

The TOTALREPORT is exclusively available via InspectionOPS™, an easy-to-use, full-featured inspection app built from the ground up to meet the needs of the life safety industry. In use for over six years, InspectionOPS was designed to make collection of test results easier and the TOTALREPORT a mobile and more useful tool for end-users. InspectionOPS empowers inspectors to quickly document graphic results on-site using an iPad or text results using an iPhone or Android smartphone and save them to a cloud-based platform. When the inspection is complete, the results are compiled into the TOTALREPORT and delivered to the customer quickly via smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or as a printed document.

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