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“The Way Forward” is an entirely new way of doing business for independent life safety firms in America. InspectionOPS™ utilizes cutting edge mobile app and computer graphic technology to collect, compile, and deliver the exclusive TOTALREPORT®, “The Way Forward” is a game-changing business system that allows the independent life safety firm to out-compete the largest firms in the industry.

In 2002 Critical Systems entered the Atlanta, Georgia market as a locally-owned startup life safety and security company.  We knew that we would need to offer a better product in order to be competitive with the regional and national companies serving the same market.  With the goal of making the life safety inspection report more than just a mandatory document that was filed in a drawer without any day-to-day practical use, we developed the TOTALREPORT.  This document revolutionized the industry standard text-based report. TOTALREPORT provided a graphic-based, color-coded presentation showing the location of each fire safety device in the context of a floor plan.  The TOTALREPORT quickly became a useful operational tool for property managers, building engineers, service technicians, and emergency response personnel.

The bar had been raised.  But the story doesn’t end there.

In 2007 Critical Systems introduced InspectionOPS.  A full-featured inspection application, this app empowers inspectors to collect data on-site with an iPhone or Android smartphone.  No costly bar code readers are needed. No clipboards or handwritten notes to lose.  Tap the test results into your phone and the data is instantly saved and automatically compiled into the TOTALREPORT ready to be delivered to the end-user via smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or as a printed document.

The bar has been raised once again.